With no spouse and the possibility of no one showing concern, certain holidays can be quite blah for single moms. So I came up with a list of amazing gifts for single moms.

Honestly, I’ve had many holidays with no gift, no card, and barely even an acknowledgment. But I just throw myself into my kids and find the joy in all the handmade gifts and sentiments they give me.

Not that holidays are all about gifts because they aren’t, but it can feel a little lonely when you’re the only one not being shown appreciation.

Here’s the funny thing, I know that there are people that is inspired by, appreciative of, or loved by a single mom. However don’t even realize what she must be feeling on these days. Because fact is, we do become immune to the loneliness and wear our smiles well, despite feeling some kinda way.

So this holiday I hope you decide to show your love and thoughts toward a single mom.

Here are 5 amazing gifts for single Moms.

Babysitter for a Day

A great If you really want to make the day of a single mom, offer yourself as a babysitter for the day. Time alone is one of the single most treasured things you could give. As a single mom of toddlers, I can tell you I rarely, if ever have time to myself.

You could come over and spend the day with the kids while she takes the day to go out and enjoy herself. If you are unable or unwilling to babysit, look into care.com. They offer childcare services from private caregivers for a variety of rates and availability. Gift her a care.com certificate and allow her to choose a sitter the works best for her needs. She might even find a long term babysitter that can help her out on a regular basis.

Spa Day

Ok now if you really wanna go all out, treat her to a spa day. Having a massage or pedicure is just what a girl needs to wash the stress of the week away.

A spa could be that tranquil and relaxing atmosphere that a single mom needs to recharge.

Check in to your local spas and see what packages they offer that will make a great gift. Also spafinder.com partners with lots of local spas. The amazing thing about spafindder.com is that you can get an e-gift card and she can choose the spa of her choice.


Now there’s nothing more that I love than a good ole staycation. I absolutely love hotels. I love the beautiful decor, the daily housekeeping, the breakfast in bed, the resort pools, the cozy linens, I mean I could go on.

An awesome gift for single moms is an amazing staycation at a nearby hotel resort. She could take the day or the weekend and enjoy not having to do anything except enjoy herself. Groupon, Living Social, and Priceline all have amazing deals on hotel stays.

You could find an amazing deal and gift her the much-needed staycation she needs.

Shoe Subscription

I mean do I even need to explain? Shoes. Get her a shoe subscription, where she can go online every month and choose a new pair of shoes and have them delivered directly to her front door.

I know when I’m feeling a little blue, shopping always helps me feel better, I’m certain retail therapy is a real thing.

JustFab and Shoe Dazzle, all offer this amazing service that is sure to brighten any single moms day.

House Cleaning Service

Take the load off her hands and send someone in to do a deep cleaning. While juggling all of the responsibilities of single parenting, cleaning is just one of the nuisances that can be a joy to not have to do.

With a house full of toddlers, I know I I would love to have someone come in and take care of all my chores. Because honestly my ceiling fan and the top of my cabinets and behind my stove have all missed their fair share of cleaning lately.

Do her a favor and send in a professional. Again care.com offers this service as well.

Listen I could go on and on about some amazing gifts for single moms. But no matter what you choose to give, I m sure she will be well delighted and happy that you thought of her on her special day.

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