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I’m Nakisha, an African-American mom blogger, and mother of four. I am a Florida native, currently residing in Orlando and I love everything about it. I love the weather, the beaches and of course, Disney!

black mom blogger



In early 2016 I began chronicling my life as an awesome single mother of four. I know you must be thinking “Wow, you’ve got your hands full!” Yes. I do. However, my heart is even fuller and I want to celebrate that! Mostly, I want to share my personal journey so that another mother can find hope in knowing she’s not alone.

Admittedly, I enjoy Disney movies just as much as my kids (maybe more) and I love to sing out loud.  I have no shame in dropping a quick two-step in public if I feel the need to, even if the music is only in my head (most times it is). I’m always laughing, and always cracking jokes. I talk with my hands and I’m known for making some serious facial expressions.

black mom blogger

I am an extrovert at heart and passionate about empowering women. I do this through my writing, my speaking, and my beauty & wellness coaching. Through my businesses I inspire women to rediscover her most fabulous self and create the life that she desires.

I have a degree in Public Relations and for about 10 years I worked in customer relations and account management for large corporations. These days I’m focused on building my dream business and  striving to be the best version of myself possible.

This is my little, big family. In their eyes, I’m already perfect. They drive me crazy yet keep me grounded.

black mom blogger


Donte (11) is my wise beyond his years, book smart, video game enthused basketball player. Caleb (3) is my energetic, dinosaur obsessed, Bubble Guppies loving, blossoming athlete. Mila (2) is my sassy little twinsie who loves to hijack my computer and play in the kitchen cabinets. Laia (2) is my friendly little foodie who loves to color and hide in her tent.  All in all, I love being their mommy.

With 3 under the age of 3, it’s not always easy. Most days our life is a beautiful mess.  I use that mess to create a masterpiece that makes motherhood look as good as it feels. While I am smitten with my kids, I work hard daily to be the best woman I can be for me, so that I can be the best mom I can be for them.


ABOUT THE BLOG was started in early 2016 as a way for me to share my methods on how I make it as a single parent of 4. Eventually, I began to share my life, my style and  my journey as a woman. Now it has become a parenting lifestyle blog where I share about motherhood, beauty, wellness and family fun. This space exists to encourage, relate and connect with women who wanna have it all; and understand you don’t have to be perfect to do so.

I give my honest opinions and candid insight into the life of the busy, working woman who proudly wears an S on her chest. I address the things she has to consider, from motherhood, beauty, dating, finances, self-care and more. I’m show that you can be a great mother without sacrificing who you are as a woman.



On the blog, I share a variety of posts. These posts will appeal to multidimensional women. I share my stories, tips, resources and strategies on how I started over from nothing and created a life I love. Here are a few of my most favorite (and most popular) posts.


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Do you have the courage to live your truth?

black mom blogger

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