Stop Hiding Behind Your Kids and Show Up

It took me almost 3 years to stop hiding from myself. I had been hiding behind the title of mother. I’d used it as an excuse not to share myself with the world. I figured if I didn’t share myself, that my insecurities wouldn’t show themselves. Like the fact that I had lost my identity … Continue Reading

Be Confident And Balance It All With Ease

Being a confident mother is the easiest way to balance it all and eliminate overwhelm. How, you ask? Because, when you are confident in your ability to make good choices, prioritize well and be productive you do not allow the stress of it all to overtake you. When you are confident you understand the necessity to … Continue Reading

The Key to Confident Parenting

People ask me often, “How do you do it”. You make being a single parent of 4 look so easy. Honestly, there can be challenges, but it’s not that tough. Just like anything else, there are basic attributes needed to make it work. With basic qualities you can become a more confident parent. You have … Continue Reading