10 Bible Verses For the Mom that Needs Encouragement

In a world with so many influences and so many opinions, there are often moments when you have to just forgo all the hype and go to the source. No telling all to friends, no asking for help from professionals but getting back to the center of it all. As a Christian mother trying to … Continue Reading

Learning How to Wait with Expectation

So today is the first day of May and I am expecting my flowers. Seriously, you know how they say April showers bring May flowers, well I have learned to wait with expectation on the harvest from the seeds I have planted. All year I have been making small steps toward my goals. I’ve been … Continue Reading

I Decided to Take a Chance on Me

Recently I decided to finally take a chance on me. We often talk about one day. One day I will do this or one day I will do that, not knowing if that one day will ever come. We fantasize about our dream job, and dream home and even the type of life we see … Continue Reading

Keep the Faith and Speak LIFE Over Your Children!

I have seen many people take to social media to express their feelings about the recent tragedies that have occurred in our community. But what I can’t understand is the number of christian mothers and fathers expressing their heightened fear for their children’s lives. People are saying: They are afraid for their childs future, They’re … Continue Reading