I Decided to Take a Chance on Me

Recently I decided to finally take a chance on me. We often talk about one day. One day I will do this or one day I will do that, not knowing if that one day will ever come. We fantasize about our dream job, and dream home and even the type of life we see … Continue Reading

4 Easy Ways to Bounce Back from a Setback

I never really considered future setbacks when I started my blogging journey.  I  didn’t really know what I was doing, I just knew I had something special to share with women that needed to hear my story. Everything was okay until…. my priorities changed and I had to be a mother. My daughter needed me … Continue Reading

Speak LIFE Over Your Children!

I have seen many people take to social media to express their feelings about the recent tragedies that have occurred in our community. But what I can’t understand is the number of christian mothers and fathers expressing their heightened fear for their children’s lives. People are saying: They are afraid for their childs future, They’re … Continue Reading