Today the Tantrums got the Best of Me

It was normal Friday afternoon and as usual I like to take the kids to do something special after a long week. I picked up my son and we headed to Target for pizza and shopping. That day I had written a post entitled Yes I have a lot of small kids. I was getting … Continue Reading

Yes! I Have a Lot of Small Kids

It still surprises me how shocked people are when I arrive somewhere with all my small kids. The looks are hilarious to me and I’ve heard all kinds of comments: “Wow look at all of you!”, “oh my goodness are they twins?”, “You’ve got your hands full!” My response is always “Yep there’s a whole … Continue Reading

5 Tips for Shopping with Toddlers in Tow

Shopping with toddlers is not always the easiest thing to do. I usually try to find a time to do it without the little ones with me but there are those times when I have no choice. I usually like to do it as soon as the store opens and when the kids are well … Continue Reading

13 Free Outings for a Fun Day with Toddlers

So it’s been about 3 months into my role as a full-time work at home mom, and it has been such a blessing. But balancing the work and the kids can get a little tricky. I usually stick to a pretty loose schedule which includes getting the kids out of the house for free outings. … Continue Reading