The Day I Gave Birth to my Twins via C-section ALONE!

It was 8am on a beautiful Friday morning as I walked into the maternity ward ready to give birth to my twin girls alone. There was an eerie peace that overtook me as the nurses began to prep me for surgery. I lay there with my eyes closed focused only on the end result. I … Continue Reading

My Twin Girls Turned 3: Here’s What I’ve Learned

Today is a very special day for me as my twin girls turn 3! We have been counting down for a few weeks and I am so excited and fulfilled to see them come into their own. Laia is my self-sufficient little foodie. She is happy when she is able to just do her own … Continue Reading

Real Talk with Real Twin Moms February Chat

I love my twin girlies and I have truly learned how to manage raising them together on my own. Every day is a new adventure and we are revising our way of doing things regularly. Honestly, I just do the best that I can and let all the rest of it handle itself. In January … Continue Reading

New Series: Real Talk with Real Twin Moms

Having twins is such a fulfilling experience. While there are many joys, there can also be many challenges. There are so many things to consider with having twins. It can be a very emotional time that takes support, patience and know how to get through. While the beginning of my twin journey was not ideal, … Continue Reading