Celebrating the Wins of 2016

So this year is almost at a close but I couldn’t let it go without acknowledging all the wins of 2016. This has been an exciting time for me as I approach being in business for 1 year. I have done so many things wrong yet I have gotten so many things right as well. … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Game Plan for Holiday Shopping on a Budget

So is holiday shopping on a budget a real thing? I mean every store drops their prices to pennies on the dollar trying to get my coin. They are doing a great job at getting my attention too. Yesterday I saw the toy my son wants for 30% off. Today jackets and winter accessories were … Continue Reading

Set Yourself Up on Sunday to Have a Productive Week

In order to have a productive week, you have to plan for it. You have to prepare in your mind first before you can actually do it. Say to yourself, “I am going to have a productive week.” Then make it a point to prepare for it. Make a To-Do List Take some time to … Continue Reading

3 Traits Every Successful Single Mom has in Common

Before I had my kids I used to wonder how a successful single could¬†make it work? I would say to myself: “How in the heck does she work and go to school. Her kids look good, she looks good and she stays on the social scene like it’s easy.” Now I understand it’s just all … Continue Reading