What Happened When I Learned to Stop Caring What People Thought of Me

Recently I have been hearing a lot about people not being happy or living the life they desire mainly because of what other people may think of them. At first, I found myself taken back by the thought of this because I have been fully delivered from people, but then I got to thinking. I … Continue Reading

Life Got Better When I Learned to Say No

I know, I’m supposed to be positive and always come from a place of yes. And most times I do. But some life circumstances warrant a no. Honestly, life actually got better when I learned to say no! I learned to say no to other people’s judgments of me. I even learned to say no … Continue Reading

10 Nice Ways to Say No

One of the easiest ways to take care of yourself is learning to say no. The unnecessary stress you experience is often directly associated to the obligations you make to people. Don’t you just hate when you are having a conversation with someone and you begin to feel uncomfortable because you really don’t want to … Continue Reading

3 Ways to Love You Some You

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and for us single ladies it can be a rough time because we don’t have anybody to share it with. But take your focus off the holiday’s intention and just focus on loving yourself regularly. Love you some you. You don’t have to be depressed and sad because you’re single. … Continue Reading