12 Great Dr. Seuss Books for Toddlers

Kids love Dr. Seuss. But, some of his books can be a bit tongue twisting and hard to keep up with for younger children. But no worries, I have compiled a list of great Dr. Seuss books for toddlers. These books teach skills they are learning at this age and are very cute and easy … Continue Reading

Give your Toddler a Valuable Gift for Christmas this Year

I decided to give my toddlers the valuable gift of learning through ABC Mouse this year. This year I’m not buying any toys. The toys end up broken by week 2 and then my hard earned money is gone down the drain. Listen, ain’t no mama got time for that! I am not doing that … Continue Reading

20 Positive Things to Say to Your Toddler Daily.

Are you speaking positive words to your toddler? They need hear constant reassurance that they are doing a great job. You’d be surprised how the words that may seem so small to you, do so much for them and their confidence. A confident child will thrive better socially and understand their true potential. Here are … Continue Reading

How to make sure your toddler is ready for preschool

As a toddler mom, I wanted to make sure my son was ready for preschool. I didn’t want to drop off an anxious child on the first day of school. That’s not good for anybody involved. As a teacher, I see dropoffs happen daily. Some are good, some need improvement. So I decided to do … Continue Reading