The Perfect Family Day at Legoland Florida

Recently my kids and I had the opportunity to visit Legoland Florida. My toddlers love playing with lego bricks and they were thrilled when I told them we would be visiting. Before leaving we downloaded the Quest to Legoland game which made our road trip fun and educational. My 12 year old navigated us all … Continue Reading

13 Free Outings for a Fun Day with Toddlers

So it’s been about 3 months into my role as a full-time work at home mom, and it has been such a blessing. But balancing the work and the kids can get a little tricky. I usually stick to a pretty loose schedule which includes getting the kids out of the house for free outings. … Continue Reading

The Perfect Family Day Trip to Daytona Beach, FL

Me and my littles love to take a road trip. And living in Florida, the beach is always a great option. Today we decided to visit Daytona; coined as the world’s most famous beach. One of the things I love about Daytona Beach is that you can drive and park directly on the beach. That … Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Visit Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota Florida

It’s no secret that Florida has amazingly beautiful beaches, and Siesta Key is one of the best. I am lucky enough to live here and experience them on a regular basis. But of all the beaches there are, how does one know which one’s to actually take the time to visit. There are several factors … Continue Reading