Okay can I be real for a minute? Being single gets tough sometimes! Yes I am still every woman and I don’t “need” a man to be happy but quite frankly it does get lonely out here. Doing it all alone can be empowering but equally as draining. I have to make sure I’m clear and intentional about maintaining my dating standards during these moments.

Last Saturday I was watching the Florida State versus Miami football game and it was so good. I was jumping around yelling at the tv and everything! I needed somebody in that moment. I needed someone to share the feeling of adrenaline racing excitement with. Someone just as passionate as I was about that game at that very moment. My son came running in, wondering if I was okay. Good thing he understood.

Being single during football season is so hard for me. And during the winter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and New Year’s Eve, LOL. It just gets tough during “Cuffing Season” You know, the time during the fall and winter months where single people desire to be in a relationship. Because I mean because who wants to go to the Christmas party alone?

Dating Standards during Cuffing Season

The funny thing is, during this time of year men get really aggressive in their pursuit. The DM’s…Who answers these DM’s? Seriously? I need answers.

See, I want to be in a relationship but I am not desperate for one. There is no season that will allow me to lower my standards because I’m lonely ever again (been there done that). There are certain things I just won’t do, won’t accept and will NOT be entertaining. I don’t mind waiting. I will wait until its right. And I will allow God to be the judge of that.

Honestly, as a single mother focused on building her business, dating is not the most important thing. It’s a thing now….just not the most important. Right now I am more focused on creating financial freedom for my family and I. Being able to provide a good life for my kids with or without a spouse.

So I’m gonna keep myself busy living life, taking care of my babies, building my business and serving God. When my man finds me, that’s where I will be.

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