Recently I decided to finally take a chance on me. We often talk about one day. One day I will do this or one day I will do that, not knowing if that one day will ever come.

We fantasize about our dream job, and dream home and even the type of life we see ourselves living. But what if, just what if God gave you the opportunity to make those dreams a reality? Would you go with the safe option, or would you take a chance on you?

Recently I was faced with this decision. While my “opportunity” did not come the way I imagined it would, nonetheless it presented itself. My job “security” became threatened and I have made a decision to do something many would call strange and unwise.

But I can only believe this was meant to occur. See I believe that opportunities for us to take a chance and exercise our faith often come, but we do not recognize them because they don’t come packaged like we expect.

But as a woman of faith I understand, THAT perception is the direct opposite of the word. Faith is trusting in something you cannot see or in all logic seems impossible.

I believe, at some point, we all have to exercise our faith and take a chance on ourselves. Believing that we have everything we need to experience happiness on a daily basis, obtain our greatest success and live a life we truly love.

Because the outcome of our lives is ultimately up to us. We can sit around complaining and get comfortable in our mediocrity or we can seize every opportunity to be great and live a life of purpose.

As for me, I choose the ladder. So here’s to believing in myself, trusting God’s plan for me, and living a life of purpose.

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