So today is the first day of May and I am expecting my flowers. Seriously, you know how they say April showers bring May flowers, well I have learned to wait with expectation on the harvest from the seeds I have planted.

All year I have been making small steps toward my goals. I’ve been working on projects, researching new interest and overall trying to make progress in my life and in my business.

While I have yet to see the outcome that I expect, I have seen return and thankfully I know that all of my work has not been in vain. See I understand the difference between seed time and harvest time.

There are times when a farmer must plant the seeds and there are times when he waits for the seed to take root knowing that eventually, they will produce a harvest.

In May I will wait with expectation on my seeds to sprout and bring me a harvest. Because I understand the above concept, I can wait with expectation. However, I have been getting messages from mamas getting weary in the wait.

Now let’s be honest, waiting is not easy. Because that requires patience. And chile you and me both know these kids already test us in this area; so working on it beyond that is a bit much.

But the fact of the matter is, my nerves have been worked and my patience has been tested but I keep on in spite of that. Because I know that where you water will grow. So I water my work with expectation. The wait just happens by default.

When you are trying to move your life forward and do something new, you have to be okay with waiting. For everything we do has a process.

I know that in the midst of working hard and trying to figure everything out, the last thing you want to hear is to wait. Especially when it’s something you feel you need right now.

But here are 3 ways that will keep you encouraged and help you to wait with expectation.


Whenever you are working towards a goal and want something great to happen for you, you must be fully submerged in faith. Faith will help you to keep your mind on what you want, and not on the lack of it happening immediately.

Faith allows you to see the positive outcome without there being any physical manifestation of it yet. As you continue to move forward with your plan, keep the faith and know that eventually, everything will work out in your favor.


It is so important to keep inspiration in front of you when working towards a goal. This allows you to see the outcome in other people’s life first. When you can see it happening for others, that should encourage you to know it can happen for you as well.

I love to follow amazing women on social media and follow their journeys. This helps me to stay focused on my goals and keeps me inspired to continue to push forward.


In the midst of waiting you must be working. It’s not enough to be sitting around dreaming a dream and expecting it to fall out of the heavens fully manifested.

You must work for it. It’s the consistency of your work that produces results. Then favor can act on your behalf when you’re out here working in faith for the dream.

Faith is not just believing though, it’s doing something to produce. Dream it, implement it, focus on it, then bring it to life. The more you work for it the more you will expect it, then waiting becomes easier. Kinda. LOL.

learning to wait

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