There are some mamas that I absolutely adore! I love their story, I love their style and their hustle is so admirable. They are the mom’s that have me asking myself “How do they do it?” But today I had to remind myself that I’m pretty dope too! So I decided to be my own Mom Crush Monday.

While it’s important to acknowledge other mamas in all their glory, I think its more important to acknowledge yourself in yours. It’s easy to get caught up in the things you feel could be better. I know the house is not perfect, the kids are not always on their best behavior and you don’t always finish your to-do list but you are doing great.

You are amazing, and beautiful and right where you are suppose to be. Believe me the mama you are looking up to has her mess too, she just manages it with a smile. It’s all about perspective. You can get all caught up in the imperfections or you can choose to embrace the all that is well. Doing that makes you mom crush worthy.

So today while you’re empowering everyone else don’t forget to empower YOU.

Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me:

This is my journey, I’m embracing the process, and I am right where I am suppose to be. My kids are happy, I am working towards my goals and today I’m my own mom crush Monday.

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