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I’m Nakisha, an African-American mom blogger, and single mother of four (read my courageous journey here). I’m a Florida native born and raised in Tampa, currently living in Central Florida. I love everything about Florida life; the weather, the beaches and of course, Disney! Admittedly, I enjoy the movies just as much as my kids (maybe more).

I love exploring new places, eating good food and taking lots of pictures.You can often catch me singing out loud and dancing in public whenever I feel the need, even if the music is only in my head (most times it is). I’m always laughing, and always making other people laugh. I talk with my hands and I’m known for making some serious facial expressions. nakisha wynn

I’m just an extrovert at heart that’s passionate about empowering moms. I do this through my writing, speaking, and organized events. Additionally, I love sharing my journey, so that another mother finds hope in knowing she’s not alone. My mission is to inspire her to pursue the life she desires with everything she’s got!

I have a degree in Public Relations and a background in non-profits. I was a preschool teacher for about 2 years and these days I’m bringing all that experience together to focus on building my dream business and living my best life.

black mom blogger


This is my little, big family. In their eyes, I’m near perfect. They keep me busy and keep me grounded. I teach them that no matter the family makeup, the love is all that matters. Even though it’s just me, I love them with everything I’ve got.


This is my 12 year old, wise beyond his years, book smart, video game enthused preteen. He’s in middle school now where he is the student government Vice President and on the junior varsity basketball team. He is an honor student and he is more responsible than I ever imagined. He is a leader that is always bringing his friends together to do good. I am so proud to be his mother, even though he doesn’t like me to take his picture these days.

This is my 4 year old, energetic, Lego-loving, blossoming athlete. He is such a sweetheart and is always loving on his sisters. He is quite shy and quiet but he is definitely the family comedian.

twins turn 3

these 2 beauties are my three-year-old twins. My big girl is the sassy little twinsie who loves to hijack my computer and play in the kitchen cabinets. She loves books!! Her little library is seriously getting out of control lol. My friendly little foodie who loves to color and hide in her tent is the youngest of the bunch. She is very independent and loves to do things for herself. These little girls are so close and share a bond like I’ve never seen. 

All in all, I love being their mommy. I love our dance parties and I love our fun sense of humor. But, with 3 toddlers running around, and being a personal uber to my preteen, it’s not always easy. Most days our life is a beautiful mess.  I use that mess to create a masterpiece that makes motherhood look as good as it feels. While I am smitten with my kids, I work hard daily to be the best woman I can be for me, so that I can be the best mom I can be for them.


In early 2016 I began chronicling my life as a single mother of four. I was so overwhelmed with balancing 3 kids under the age of 3, a preteen, work and life. It was obvious that I had my hands full but I wanted to share how much fuller my heart was in the midst.

black mom blogger

Nakishawynn.com was started as a way for me to share my methods on how I make it as a single parent of 4. Eventually, I began to share my life and my journey as a woman. Now it has become a full family lifestyle blog. This space exists to encourage, relate and connect with women who wanna have it all; and understands that everything doesn’t have to be perfect to do so. I give candid insight into the life of the single, busy, working mom. I speak to the things she has to consider from motherhood, beauty, quick healthy recipes, career, self-care and more. I show that you can be a great mother without sacrificing who you are as a woman.


I love partnering with brands and organizations to establish real long-term relationships that benefit my audience, driving interactions that lasts long after my post is published. Let’s partner in building excitement around your products and causes. I am available for sponsored posts, brand ambassadorships, video reviews, press trips, and experiences.

Please email me at nakishalwynn@gmail.com to discuss ways we can partner to reach your goals. My media kit is available upon request. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


On the blog, I share a variety of posts. These posts will appeal to busy single moms. I share my personal stories, tips, resources, and strategies on how I started over from nothing and created a life I love. Here are a few of my most popular (and favorite) posts.

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black mom blogger

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