Denim Layers and Rainy Days

The skies have cleared and the sun is out. We have made it through hurricane Irma. The past couple days have been a bit tough as so many people have been affected by this storm. Thank God my family made it through unaffected and unharmed. We are truly blessed. As our community begins clean up … Continue Reading

Today the Tantrums got the Best of Me

It was normal Friday afternoon and as usual I like to take the kids to do something special after a long week. I picked up my son and we headed to Target for pizza and shopping. That day I had written a post entitled Yes I have a lot of small kids. I was getting … Continue Reading

Yes! I Have a Lot of Small Kids

It still surprises me how shocked people are when I arrive somewhere with all my small kids. The looks are hilarious to me and I’ve heard all kinds of comments: “Wow look at all of you!”, “oh my goodness are they twins?”, “You’ve got your hands full!” My response is always “Yep there’s a whole … Continue Reading

Road Trip Essentials When Traveling with Small Kids

We live in Florida and there is so much to see in this beautiful state. So I’m often taking road trips with my little ones. We regularly take day trips to neighboring cities but this summer we did a lot of traveling in the car. When you are traveling with small kids, you know that … Continue Reading