10 Bible Verses For the Mom that Needs Encouragement

In a world with so many influences and so many opinions, there are often moments when you have to just forgo all the hype and go to the source. No telling all to friends, no asking for help from professionals but getting back to the center of it all. As a Christian mother trying to … Continue Reading

13 Free Outings for a Fun Day with Toddlers

So it’s been about 3 months into my role as a full-time work at home mom, and it has been such a blessing. But balancing the work and the kids can get a little tricky. I usually stick to a pretty loose schedule which includes getting the kids out of the house for free outings. … Continue Reading

The Perfect Family Day Trip to Daytona Beach, FL

Me and my littles love to take a road trip. And living in Florida, the beach is always a great option. Today we decided to visit Daytona; coined as the world’s most famous beach. One of the things I love about Daytona Beach is that you can drive and park directly on the beach. That … Continue Reading

5 things I’m doing to prepare my son for Pre-K

So my four year old is ready to prepare for Pre-K and while I am super excited for him I also know he has been home with me for some time now, and transitioning may be a task for him. In no way am I concerned with him being ready “academically” because we work on … Continue Reading