My life changed the day I found out I was a single mom pregnant with twins.

I hadn’t been feeling good for a few weeks and decided to go to the doctor to get checked out. If I may be honest, I knew something was up, frankly, I knew I was pregnant because I’d taken the home test but I was in complete denial. I went to the appointment and surely I was pregnant. I was completely pissed because I had just ended my relationship and my baby was only 6 months old. Then the unimaginable happened. I went in for my first sonogram and the technician told me it was twins!

Tears immediately streamed down my face. I asked her if she was serious. I knew she was because I saw it for myself. I was devastated. So many questions ran through my mind. How am I going to take care of these babies by myself? How am I going to tell my children I’m a single mom pregnant with twins? Will I be able afford daycare? How am I even a single mom pregnant with twins!! I live in a condo tho. I have a 2 door coupe. The questions, the confusion it all had me overwhelmed. I was so disappointed in myself and disappointed in the choices that I had made to get to this point.

When I finally made it home I sat there on the couch crying. I cried for hours. I went to bed still in disbelief. But something happened that morning. I woke up. I I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “You can make it!”, “If God brings you to it, he’ll bring you through it.” After that, I never looked back.

So you’re a single mom pregnant with twins, here’s what you need to know.

Everything is going to be okay. You can do this and you can do it WELL. Don’t let anybody persecute you for your choices. Know that you mad the right decision and never second guess yourself. You have to be confident in your ability to choose. Forgive yourself and move forward. Own your decisions, stand tall and handle your business.

You will be able to give your children the life they deserve. You will be able to complete your goals and you will still be the amazing woman you are destined to be. I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. You will have some sleepless nights. You will have to make some sacrifices and you will have to work your butt off to make it work. But that’s okay. It will all be worth it.  

Reach out to the people that support you and will be there for you. If you don’t have a support system that’s okay. We will work on that.

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If you do have one, be prepared for that to change. You will be surprised at the people that get missing when life gets real. You will also be surprised at those that do support you when you most need it. Additionally, you be prepared to change. This experience will change who you are as a woman. That’s exactly what it should do.

All in all, this can be done. You don’t have to be afraid. You don’t have to second-guess your ability to make this work because you can do it. Keep the faith and stand strong.

Pregnant with twins

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