So I’m sure you are wondering what it’s like to work with me. Well, here’s what people are saying:


“Anytime I need answers, I call her. She can always tell me where to go, who to talk to, or how to get what I need. Nakisha has been amazing to me as a single mom. She has this way of encouraging me that makes me feel like I can do anything.”  ~Latreece


“Nakisha’s positive energy and determination to be a success for herself and her children is incredibly contagious. I learned so much from Nakisha in just the short amount of time that we got to know one another. By example, she taught me how to re-love myself so that I can love my daughter, with the utmost compassion and sensitivity. She taught me how to be strong in tough situations and keep my faith in the greatness that I am destined for. Her personality is one that ought to be bottled up and prescribed as a daily dose vitamin! She has been such an inspiration to me and I am blessed to have her as a friend for life.” ~Antoinette


“Nakisha was a huge resource for me during my pregnancy. She kept me from freaking out about every little thing and gave me some pretty awesome tips and advice about postpartum care. I can’t thank her enough for being a sounding board through such an important time in my life.”  ~Rebekah


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