Finding Balance as a Work at Home Mom

by Nakisha Wynn

So far today I’ve knocked out 2 blog posts, outlined my videos for the week, washed my daughters hair (huge), washed all the bed linens, forced my teen to clean his room (also huge), and deep cleaned my kitchen. Yes this mama is on fire today! But finding balance as a work at home mom can often be a struggle. You find yourself having to ruthlessly prioritize between so many things that seem to all be equally important.

Of all the things I did today, guess what I didn’t do? Cook! I didn’t make it to that. I had other things that needed to be done and I felt were more important in the moment. Instead I threw in a frozen lasagna, opened a bag of salad, toasted some garlic bread and that was dinner. My kids got fed and were happy.

Listen, you can’t be all the things, to all the people, all the time. Chef wasn’t in my title today but I’m still getting stuff done. No my progress was not some Instagram version of being productive. But I was able to check many things off my to-do list.

My life is busy! Between drop offs, appointments, practices, meal prep, meetings, family, friends, a blog, social media, and so much more it can get overwhelming. People often ask me how I do it? They see the kids and all that I’m doing and wonder when exactly did I lose my mind.

Rocking this mom life is about doing what you can, the best you can, not burning yourself out to uphold some standard of “supermom” that doesn’t exist. In the midst of it all I feel grounded. I feel empowered and I know that I’m in my rightful place because I’m happy.

Now I’m off to the grocery store to grab snack for my kindergarten room mom duties next week. After that I’m coming back home, putting my feet up and doing nothing. I’m done because #MeTime. I make sure I plan in time for me in the midst of it all. My self care has become a discipline and part of my normal routine. It’s necessary for me to operate at the levels in which I do.

So while “balance” has been said to be this great act of perfectly managing it all I am just out here doing my best.

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