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by Nakisha Wynn

Are you looking for work at home jobs hiring now? You have come to the right place. Working at home as been life changing for my family and I. It has allowed me to be at home with my children, present and actively raising them. I recommend it to anyone looking to do the same. When I first decided I wanted to work from home I had such a hard time sorting through the outdated, inaccurate, and scammy information. It was frustrating and discouraging to say the least.

Eventually people began asking me about finding work from home jobs, so I decided to compile this list of work at home jobs hiring now and sharing that information on my Youtube channel once a month. 

If you want to make some extra money or work from home full time you have come to the right place. I have dedicated this page to helping you find the latest work at home jobs with different compensation, hours, and industries.

I know what it’s like trying to find the right position, sourcing through tons of out of date, untrustworthy information, and then going through the hiring process if you find something that works. I decided to save you some time and headache by putting some new remote positions all in one place and some resources to help you be successful at them.

If you are actively looking for an online position, bookmark this page and come back regularly to see what new work at home jobs that are hiring now.

*If job is no longer listed, applications are no longer being accepted.



June 2019

Kelly Services – Live Chat Sales Rep
Concentrix – Seasonal Sales Chat Rep
Transcom – Technical Support Agent
Flywheel – Remote Happiness Engineer
American Express – Virtual Platinum Customer Care Professional
CVS – Customer Service Representative
Transcom – Technical Support Agent
Ebay – Customer Experience Representative
Wayfair – French Bilingual Customer Service Consultant
Gulf Coast Bank & Trust – Extended Hours Call Center Specialist
Kelly Services – Customer Service Scheduler
Uhaul – Customer Service Agent (Moonlighter)
Humana – Agent Support Representative

May 2019

Mediavine – Marketing Associate
Kelly Connect – Chat Technical Support Advisor 
Magoosh – Remote Test Prep Expert
US Bank – Customer Solutions Specialist
Wayfair – Virtual Customer Service Consultant
Citizen’s Bank – Vendor Management Specialist
American Express – Virtual Collections Specialist
Capital One – Customer Contact Center Associate
CVS Pharmacy – Customer Service Representative
PNC Bank – Customer Service & Support Representative
VIPDesk – Elite Customer Service Representative
Progressive Insurance – Customer Service Representative 
Unum – Service Specialist Associate


  • Ebates – Get paid to shop online.
  • Ibotta – Get paid to scan your retail receipts.
  • InboxDollars – Get paid to surf the internet, take surveys, play games and try special offers.



  • – helps you figure out what your typing speed is. Usually transcription and administrative job require around 50/60 words per minute. This test will help you figure out what your speed is. It’s completely FREE.
  • SpeedTest – This will help you test the speed and performance of your internet connection. Most online jobs have internet speed requirement. This will help you see what yours is.
  • Grammarly – An online browser extension that helps with grammar, spelling and punctuation.  This will help you craft better emails and messages when going through the hiring process.
  • Linkedin – the world’s largest professional network. This is a great place to find job opportunities and market yourself to potential employers.
  • Linkedin Learning – An online learning platform that will help you learning business, software, and technology to help you reach your professional goals.
  • Skillshare – an online learning platform that offers an array of webinars, classes and courses to help you learn all you need to know to be more productive and effective in your job.
  • Skype – a communications app that specializes in free video chats and voice calls. Most employers will require a face to face or telephone interview and a lot of them use Skype. Get familiar with it.
  • Google Suite – A free Cloud based productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google. It includes Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar and more. Companies will use this for internal emails and document sharing and require you at least be familiar with it. I suggest trying it out.
  • Microsoft Office – a suite of products including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Outlook. In most professional positions you will be required to know this software.
  • Desktop Computer – Some companies may ask for you to have a desktop computer and will not allow the use of laptops. This is the one I started on and it works well.
  • Customer service headset – This will be required for all customer service positions where you will be taking calls from customers. I recommend getting one asap.
  • Hard wired phone – If you are taking phone calls you could be required to have a hard wired telephone to take calls from.
  • HD webcam – This will be useful for video chat jobs like online tutoring.


  • Start a Blog – Blogging is a great way to share your passion and knowledge with others through written word.
  • Open an Online Store – E-commerce is a great way to make money selling physical products. Do you have great style? Start a boutique. Great at knitting? Sell your creations. Open an online store today!
  • Start a Youtube channel – starting a Youtube channel is an amazing way to start sharing who you are and what you know with others for free. It can be monetized pretty easily.


work at home jobs hiring now

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Crystal February 27, 2019 - 3:20 am

Found you on YouTube. I am a single parent of two kids and having a hard time finding employment. You motivated me to work from home and do side jobs like door dash and I’m able to still be active in my kid’s life and make some cash at the same time. Thank you from Oregon State ..Crystal 😅

Nakisha Wynn April 8, 2019 - 12:20 pm

Hey Crystal. I’vs been there. Definitely get some side hustles going until something comes through. This can absolutely be done. You got this!

Holly July 24, 2019 - 8:03 am

it seems so hard to find one that I can work from home , cause I live in Alaska.. and everyone one on this list seems to be from other states which you have to live in to work from home. any suggestions?

Nakisha Wynn July 27, 2019 - 12:28 am

Be sure to check your state laws. Some companies limit hiring in certain states because of hiring restrictions etc. I would look into freelancing until you can figure that out.


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