3 Ways to Increase Productivity

by Nakisha Wynn

So recently I was pushed into full-time mompreneurship. During my first 30 days of this journey, I have some triumphs to celebrate but I also have some areas that need improvement.

The first area that I want to get better in is my productivity. I need to be doing things more efficiently and effectively to accomplish the plans that I have set in place for me and my family.

So I have identified 3 areas I need to work on to increase my productivity. I hope they help you get on track with yours too.

Plan and Create a schedule

It is important to prepare ahead of time. Planning out my month, weeks, and days will help me to have a game plan on how to accomplish the goals I have set in place. It will also help to keep me on track with getting things done.

Set Measurable Goals

I plan to set goals that l can compare to my results at the end of the month. Like setting specific numeric goals that I want to hit. For example, I want to post 3 times a week, live stream one a week, and make $1000 a month. This type of goal setting will allow me to easily determine where the successes and breaks are in my productivity.

Have Systems in Place

This means that I will have a set and certain way of getting things accomplished. Most likely this is a numbered list of things that need to be accomplished in order to complete a task. For instance, to publish a blog post I first have to come up with a topic, second decide what type of content I want to produce, write the content then post it. So these are the steps and the ways I do things. Having a productivity system in place will allow me to get more things done more efficiently.

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