5 Spring Outdoor Activities Your Kids Will Love

by Nakisha Wynn

So spring is upon us and there is no better time to be outside. Here in Florida the temperatures are resting in the high 70’s. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and the birds are chirping more than any other time of year. This weather makes it the perfect time to do some spring outdoor activities with the family. My kids absolutely love all the thrills of outdoor adventure and we spend a lot of time doing just that.

Here are 5 spring outdoor activities your kids will love too.

Bike Ride
With the weather being so great this is the perfect time to go on family bike rides. This is another great way to just take in nature and explore. And as an added benefit you will be getting some needed exercise while you’re at it.

Nature Scavenger Hunt
Make a list of items that are usually found outside in nature. Go outside and let the kids look for them. They will have a great time searching for all the items on the list. Let them look for types of bugs, flowers, etc.

spring outdoor activities

Picnic in the Park
There has to be no better spring outdoor activity than having a picnic in the park. Grab a blanket, pack up lunch and head to the park for a little fun. This is the perfect reason to just sit and watch the clouds go by. My kids like to point out what each cloud looks like to them. this really puts their imagination to work because I have heard some wild things lol.

Plant some Flowers
Spring is a great time to get outside and plant some new flowers. You can go to your local nursery or farmers market and pick up some new flowers to add to your garden. You can also Flowers and other forage

spring outdoor activities

spring outdoor activities

By planting more flowers and forage acreage you are helping increase the food supply for honey bees and other pollinators. We rely on them to pollinate many of our fruits, nuts, and vegetables that we need for a healthy, nutritious diet. As the world population continues to grow, we will require much more food to sustain, and honey bees will help us with that.

You can help improve bee health by planting bee attractant flowers that supply bees with pollen and nectar. Feed A Bee is an initiative to increase food for honey bees and other pollinators by planting more flowers and forage for the habitat bees need to thrive.

So while you are outside enjoying yourself this spring, do a bee a favor and get to planting. You can find out more about the Feed a Bee initiative on their website at FeedABee.com.

Jump in a Puddle
What is it about a puddle that makes kids go crazy? Children love jumping in puddles and splashing water all over themselves. In Florida we get a lot of light rain showers in the spring so the puddles are plentiful. Use this opportunity to let the kids indulge.

Fly a Kite
Use the spring wind to let your kite fly high. This is an ideal time of year to go kite flying because the wind is nearly perfect. Just DIY a simple kite or head to the toy store to pick one up. This is guaranteed to be a hit with the whole family.

Make a Bird Feeder
I love a good homemade bird feeder. You can take almost any old jug, carton or container and add some seeds and for an instant bird attraction. Feel free to get creative and add a variety of nuts and seeds inside. You will increase your chances of seeing birds enjoy.

So this spring make it your point to get your kids outside. It beats being inside on video games and devices all day. And when the Florida summer comes, there will be plenty of time for that.

What other activities do you like doing with your kids in the spring?

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