My Daily Quarantine Routine for Peace and Productivity

by Nakisha Wynn

So “the rona” has changed the way we are living here in the U.S. for the next couple of weeks so a quarantine routine is a must if I expect to get anything done. The kids are out of school for the next 4 weeks, theme parks are closed, sports are cancelled, and the president is asking Americans not to get together in groups more than 10. Chile that was enough to send people into panic mode. I’m talking store shelves wiped clean, hand sanitizer elimination, and anxiety all around. It’s been a completely different way of life for those of us actually listening to the recommendations of our government officials to stop the spread of this virus.

Despite all that though, I am enjoying myself thoroughly. While I like socializing, I prefer being in the comfort of my own home, loving on my family. This has been so great for that. I am getting so much done in my business and my home and I couldn’t be happier. I even vlogged Day 1 of the whole thing lol. I’m completely at peace with it all.

My Productive Quarantine Routine:

Keeping Our Home Clean

  • Open windows to let fresh air in. Every morning I like to get up open the blinds and windows. I like to have the fresh air circulate throughout the house. The air feels nice and the sunshine makes me happy.
  • Running air purifier to keep the air clean. I bought this air purifier because my son and I have bad allergies during this time of year. It has helped so much with cleaning the air and allowing me to breathe better even with all the pollen etc.
  • Vacuum the area rugs every morning to keep the dust and allergens down during this time.
  • Do the laundry daily to keep everything clean. Yea I’ve been trying to keep all the clothing clean and put away. I am trying to keep the house tidy so that it’s easier to keep clean and sanitized.
  • Wiping down and disinfecting all surfaces every night. With all the sneezing and coughing from allergies I make sure to go throughout the house at night and dust and disinfect.

Building Our Immune System

  • Making healthier recipes that include more fruits and vegetable. I have been hiding veggies in casseroles, making protein smoothies in my favorite blender and learning how to use this new air fryer for healthier cooking. The dinner I made in this video is always a hit with the kids. I actually bought a lot of new fruits and veggies for them to try too. It’s been going well.
  • Taking vitamins and supplements consistently. Being consistent is what I am working on. I have been making sure to take them each morning with breakfast so that I don’t forget. I bought the kids a new probiotic
  • Exercise and physical activity. Every day the kids and I have been going on family walks and bike rides. We will just get out of the house and get some fresh air. I let the boys play basketball and the girls bring their sidewalk chalk or scooters and just really enjoy themselves. I use this time to do my little makeshift excercise by doing squats and lunges etc.
  • Drinking lots os water. I was blessed to get a few cases from Winn Dixie when they had them on sale buy one get one free. With no limitations. So I grabbed a couple. I have been making sure to stay hydrated and keep the kids doing the same.

Staying Positive and Strengthening Our Faith

  • Watching positive morning inspiration messages on Youtube. I have been watching messages from Sarah Jakes Roberts, Eric Thomas, and Rachel Hollis. I wake up to positivity daily! It’s so important to me to put in what you want to come out. Good vibes only!
  • Taking an hour in the middle of the day to unplug and listen to worship music. This resets my mind and gets me back focused and at ease. With the change in daily routine it can get stressful especially trying to be a homeschool teacher lol. This relaxes me and helps me keep it cool.
  • Reading the Bible every morning and night before bed. Because that’s what I always do. I do the devotionals in the Bible app, and I use the Daily Bread app sometimes too.
  • Praying throughout the day and honoring God even more during this time. This has been a great way for me to not get caught up in the pandemonium and worrying about the wrong things. I’ve just been focused on the things I can control and letting God do the rest. I truly account this part of my routine for why me and my children are so chill during this time.
  • Staying off of social media. This has been huge. Obviously a large part of the work I do is online so I go on to do what I need to do and then hop off. I don’t want other people’s feeling affecting me in a negative way.
  • Laughing, joking, and playing around with my kids. This has been a completely amazing time for us. We have been watching movies, playing hide and seek, playing board games and just overall enjoying each other. Times like this are meant to be spent making memories and we are doing just that.

Growing My Business

  • Be more visible. That is the one major goal I have for myself during this time. I know that a lot of people are home scrolling social and I would love to use this time to get more eyes on my brand.
  • Creating one video a day. I love video and it’s where I shine. I have been creating at least one video a day whether that be on Tik Tok, IG stories or Youtube. I am in video creating mode. I have committed to vlogging my day for the next 14 days of this social distancing to deepen the relationship I have with my current audience. My quarantine routine is helping me get that done.
  • Develop more digital resources for my audience. I am always asked questions about working from home and creating a blog so I want to get all my knowledge down in some ebooks and courses for my audience. That is the easiest way for me to serve the largest amount of people.
  • Building my community, staying connected to them, and helping as much as I can is the overall goal.

Focusing on the Kids Development

  • Make sure they are 100% proficient in everything they have learned so far this year. This means going back over lessons that might not have stuck for my freshman, particularly in Biology and Geometry.
  • Focus on their creativity. My kids love art and creating just like me. We have done some cute crafts and art activities. I went to Dollar Tree and grabbed some supplies and I am using Pinterest and Youtube to help me come up with more fun ideas for them.
  • Read for an hour a day. We have been having quiet time and reading a book of choice during this time.
  • Work on our “Spring Break” goal at least an hour a day: Mommy will complete the digital resources library & promote it daily, the teenager will become Tik Tok famous, the big boy will learn to tie his shoe and ride his bike without training wheels, and the girls will know all of their letters, sounds, and sight words.

While a lot of people are looking at this social distancing as a negative, I am using it to truly get closer to God and spend more quality time with myself, love on my children, and connect more with my audience. I’m starting to think this self quarantine routine is just what I needed. I know that no matter what it looks like now, it all will work out for my good in the end.

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Clara Egbonwon April 10, 2020 - 6:53 pm

Hi Nakisha,

I discovered your Blog and Youtube channel when searching for ways to monetise my currently under construction website.
I love both and am inspired further to put more effort into building my healthy habit for abundant living blog.

May you keep rolling out amazing information. And have continued success.



Nakisha Wynn April 14, 2020 - 11:28 pm

Thank you so much for stopping by. Much success on your endeavors.


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