11 Great Dr. Seuss Books for Toddlers

by Nakisha Wynn

Kids love Dr. Seuss. But, some of his books can be a bit tongue twisting and hard to keep up with for younger children. But no worries, I have compiled a list of great Dr. Seuss books for toddlers. These books teach skills they are learning at this age and are very cute and easy to follow.

Dr Seuss ABC’s is an entertaining alphabet book. It is perfect for children learning their alphabet. It has characters for the letters so it is very engaging for the little ones. This is a must have for every toddler.

One Fish Two Fish is a colorful book starting with 5 fish and counting them throughout. The silly rhymes and characters help to keep this entertaining book and encourages kids to read.

Fox in Socks is a silly tongue twisting story about the socks of a fox. If you are not reading carefully, you will definitely find yourself stumbling over your words. The kids will think its hilarious.

Apples Up on Top is a great Dr. Seuss book for toddlers. It is about 3 friends counting together and having fun. They try to do several things all while trying to balance apples on their head. It does a great job with keeping the kids counting.

Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You? is a book about Mr. Brown who is a sound making expert. Kids enjoy repeating back the sounds and a laughing at all the sounds. This book engcoiurages imaginative play and reading.

The Tooth Book is all about teaching about teeth. It describes all the type of people and animals that have teeth. This is a great introductory books to teaching dental care.

Oh the Thinks You can Think is an imaginative book that encourages children to use their imagination and think. Encourages kids to read by themselves by using simple words and illustrations. This is one of my favorite Dr. Suess books for toddlers.

Hop on Pop is a classic book for beginners. It has very easy words for kids to learn to read on their own. The illustrations are great to help them with figuring them out too.

Are You My Mother is a book about a bird who lost his mother. He goes around town asking all kinds of things if they are his mother. it is a very sweet book, great for babies and toddlers.

The Foot Book is a book babies will love. This rhythmic a book all about feet of all kinds. It is great for teaching opposites as well. Again the illustrations are amazing and children will love it.

Put me in the Zoo is about a dog who believes he should be in the zoo with the other animals. Spot shows 2 younger kids what he can do with his spots, from moving them around to juggling them. Young children will be delighted.

Seuss books for toddlers

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