3 Ways to Love You Some You

by Nakisha Wynn

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and for us single ladies it can be a rough time because we don’t have anybody to share it with. But take your focus off the holiday’s intention and just focus on loving yourself regularly. Love you some you.

You don’t have to be depressed and sad because you’re single. No ma’am! It does not have to be that way. You need to enjoy yourself and appreciate yourself in your singleness. So here are 3 tips to “Love You some You” this Valentine’s Day.


I know that as a single mom that can seem impossible. I know you are the only one doing it all. You’re getting up at 6:00am, getting the kids ready, going to work, going to school, cooking dinner, and doing it all over again. But you MUST make time for yourself. You make time for everybody else. Yet, you put yourselves last on that list. I promise there are moments you can create with yourself to practice self-care.

After the kids are down, make yourself a nice bubble bath. Put on some nice music, light a few candles, put some essential oils in that tub and enjoy! Relax and enjoy your own company. That’s your time to destress and get yourself together.

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You want to do this so that you’re operating at an optimal level. I know you want to give your best to your children, right? And giving your best to the world is important too.

In order to do that you have to make sure that you’re OK. You can’t be ok when you’re always overwhelmed, stressed, and running around in circles trying to be supermom. So you have to take time to recharge yourself.

That includes reevaluating your goals ever so often. Reevaluate who you are and what you want out of life. When you have your goals present and in front of you regularly, it’s easier to stay focused on them. The goal is not to be the mom whose only caught up in her kids. But the mom who is amazing with her kids and amazing at living her life as well.


Sometimes you just have to let people go. Unfortunately, some people are just committed to being miserable. They always find something wrong in every situation, always complaining and can always justify their negative perspective. If you have someone like this in your life, stay away (If you want to stay in a positive place). This will only break you down slowly. That negative energy will begin to affect you.

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Then there is the person that always has unnecessary drama. They always want to tell you about it or bring you in it. Run! The last thing you need is to be dealing with someone else’s mess.

Finally, there are those that may not be negative or have drama but no matter what they do, they cannot support you. They are the naysayer. The one that always finds a reason why you shouldn’t do something. Or they conveniently bring up all your previous failures or insists on reminding you of something you are trying to move on from. They may even low-key want to see you fail or maybe not, just don’t want to see you surpass them. Drop them with the quickness! It’s a toxic relationship and you are better without it.

Try to keep your space pure. Not just your physical space, but your head and heart space too. Because toxic people will infect you. If you hang out with them enough, you will begin to ask yourself “When did I start believing that? Oh, when did I start feeling like this about myself? When did I start becoming so negative and complaining all the time?” The answer then becomes birds of a feather….(you know the rest).

Take your positive energy and your positive space and move it elsewhere.


So many times you’ve promised to do things for yourself. You say: “I’m about to lose this weight! I’m going to start this business.” Yet you never make time to do any of them.
That’s because you have become the least important person on your to-do list. Change that. Schedule some time with yourself to relax and go over your goals. Determine the things that can be started or done within 30 days and do it! You set those specific goals for a reason.


Love you

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