Pursuing Body Goals with the Nokia Activity Tracker

by Nakisha Wynn

For the past 3 years I have made health and fitness my top priority. But that goal has never been about losing weight at all. I just want to love my new mom curves and be my own body goals. Thanks to this Nokia activity tracker I am finally doing that.

I made a promise to myself that this would be the year that I will finally lose this baby weight and get back to me. Since giving birth to my twins I have struggled with getting back to a place where I absolutely love my body. From dealing with struggles of diastasis recti, to avoiding wearing certain clothes because of the extra 15 pounds around my waist line. Let’s just I have some work to do. Honestly, my health has not been my priority. I’ve succumb to the demands of motherhood and being solely focused on the little ones and forgetting about me.

Nokia HR Steel

But one of my biggest goals this year is to get back to me and find an ideal healthy life balance. For not only the sake of my children, but for my own happiness.

Thanks to the new Nokia HR steel activity tracker I have been on my way to meeting those health goals. This little feature packed device has been a dependable accountability partner.

I’ve never owned a fitness watch so I was pleased when I discovered that this comprehensive device has so many features:

1. Accurately tracks how many steps I’ve taken.
2. It tracks my heart rate while I’m working out and even constantly throughout the day
3. Displays the amount of calories burned
4. Tracks my sleep patterns.
5. Is durable and water resistant
6. Has an amazing battery life

Nokia HR Steel

The Nokia steel HR does so much. It tracks all of this in the free Health Mate app companion that is so convenient for busy moms on the go like myself. Even when I forget to view my steps, the Health Mate app is still tracking and gives a complete history of my health data.

This little personal trainer make me feel so accomplished. I feel so good when I see all the steps I’ve taken in a day. It’s inspiring to see how far I’ve come and it helps me not to quit as I’ve done so many times before.

Nokia HR Steel

When I’m running around with the kids, doing housework or out and about with my friends, I know that I’m still burning calories and that alone makes me want to keep moving. So that’s my focus; to just keep moving until I become my own body goals.

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