Why Every Single Mom Absolutely Must Have a Side Hustle

by Nakisha Wynn

If you want to make it as a single mom, you MUST have a side hustle. The number one question I get asked as a single mom of 4 is: “How do you do it?.” Some mothers are wondering how I manage to stay sane with 3 toddlers under the age of 3 running around the house. Most are wondering how I manage to stay afloat financially. I usually have 2 answers to this question. My first response is: ” I pray.” That usually gets me a confused stare. When that happens, I leave them there to ponder on my response, because it’s the real tea! If they seem to understand then I tell them: “I hustle.” That usually gets the conversation going. My single piece of advice to every single mother I encounter is, you must have a side hustle.

[Tweet “If you need to increase your income, diversifying your streams of income is imperative.”] This means you should have income coming from different places. Never, I repeat, never be dependent on your money coming from only one place. A side hustle is the most effective way to do this.

A side hustle is a way you make money outside of your full-time income. I’m not talking about a part time job. That is just selling more of your valuable time to a company.  As a single mother that’s the last thing you want to do. I’m talking about making money from something you create or something you do with sheer passion and/or purpose.

That means if you love to braid hair, that’s your side hustle. Do you love kids? Do you make jewelry? Are you into home organization? Is fashion your thing? Are you an amazing writer? These are all viable side hustles.



You need a “baby” outside of your kids. 

Don’t be the mom with no life outside of your children. You need something else to focus on too. Remember you are a woman first. You have to be happy and fulfilled to raise the best little people you can. I know you still have goals and dreams you want to accomplish. You need to go after them. Managing your side hustle will build your confidence, and make you feel accomplished. Seeing your baby grow will make you proud simply because you made it happen. Pursue your passion, take care of your business and everything else fall into place. Get you a side hustle.

Financial independence is so necessary.

If for no other reason, you need to have your own money. Enough to support you and your children. When you are financially independent you can make your own choices, for your own life. You don’t have to sit around waiting on child support.

You won’t be dependent on a public assistance agency to tell you how much you can spend on food. Most importantly, no man controlling you because you need the money he got. Your money, your freedom.

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Additionally, when you’re doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like work. When you’re not “working” the ability to create something successful increases. Your side hustle can supplement your full-time income or eventually take the place of it.

You deserve to live a life you love.

Let’s be honest, at your 9 to 5 you may not be doing the work you’re passionate about. You may be overworked and under appreciated. You may be ready to do more, yet keep getting bypassed for promotions. Your side hustle can become your outlet. It can give you the joy you need, yet not getting at your full-time job.

For everything you do, and everything you have sacrificed, you deserve to live a life you love. You deserve to be financially independent. You deserve to take your children on family vacations, buy the home of your dreams and live a life without the worry of bills. You have take a chance on you. What if the thing you wish you could be doing with your life is the way out of your current struggles? You will never know if you don’t try.


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