5 Easy Ways to Stop being the Stressed Single Mom

by Nakisha Wynn

I mean nobody wants to be the “stressed single mom” but, let’s be real. This single mom thing ain’t easy. My kids are amazing and frankly, I enjoy myself most days until….I’m not enjoying myself. There are situations that just try to come ruin my day. You know like thinking about the fact that I’ve been single forever, how these bills ain’t no joke,  the fact that I never get a moment to myself, and I’m so tired of the lies I hear about child support! But I digress.

There have been times, I have been so stressed as a single mom that I didn’t know what to do. The stress has literally turned physical and caused me to have knots in my stomach for hours at a time. After one too many episodes of this, I finally realized I could not carry on that way.

I knew the “stressed single mom” life was not for me. I had to find a way to stop getting so anxious about everything and reduce the overwhelm that can come with single parenting.

First,  I  had  to realize that life is going to happen. Things come up, bills become due, children get sick, cars break down, and people just simply get on your last nerve! Even the reality of parenting on your own will overwhelm you on certain days. But that’s okay. Being a single mom has its challenges, but they only have as much power to stress you, as you give them. So deal with each situation carefully. Most things that seem stressful in the moment, end up being not so bad, after you have thought through them clearly.

Here are 5 easy ways to STOP being the Stressed Single Mom

Get active.  Physical activity can play a huge role in the reduction of stress. After being active, your mind is renewed and you can approach things differently. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to benefit from this stress reducer. Any type of “movement” that will elevate your heart rate will help:

    • Put on some Beyoncé and dance
    • Play outside with the kids
    • Take the dog for a walk
    • Take the stairs at work
    • Get a workout buddy and hit the gym
    • Park further in the parking lot than you would like and walk

Exercise releases endorphins in your body that make you feel better too. At least that’s what Elle  said in Legally Blonde. I mean she was totally about not stressing so that has to be right. Right? Or am I the only one that still watches that movie like it’s a new release? Anyway…

Take time for yourself and relax. One of the biggest reasons stress builds up is because you do not take time away from stressful situations to relax. You must practice regular self-care. You will be in a good mindset and make better decisions. Be sure to nurture yourself:

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Avoid unnecessary people stress. You’re trying to NOT be the stressed single mom. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Do not tolerate drama nor the people who bring it in your life. Assess the situations that are causing you the most stress then decide if you need to end some relationships. It can be tough to do, but it is often necessary for your personal growth. Not to mention maintaining your peace and sanity is worth it too.

Talk to a friend.  This is the most amazing way to avoid stress. There’s nothing like a good chit-chat with ya girl, or a long laugh over drinks with your bestie to resolve a stressful situation. Friends help you build your muscle in dealing with the stresses of life. They also offer a different perspective. It is essential to build your network of friends and build a strong support system.

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As a single mom you may be used to being independent and dealing with things on your own, but that is not the way to make it through this successfully. Hit up your friends to hang out in person regularly. Meet for coffee, do lunch or meet with the kids in the park, just do not isolate yourself.

Laugh and be positive. This is the very best way to make sure you don’t get caught up in that stressed single mom life. I mean, do I even need to say this? Laughing is everything! It’s good for the soul. How can you be stressed while your laughing? Meet up with a friend or pop in your favorite comedy or feel good movie and laugh until your stomach hurts.

No matter what, do something everyday that makes you happy. Eat a cupcake, soak your feet, light your fancy scented candle. Enjoy the journey and don’t get caught up in the stuff.

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