Swimming Pool Kids Safety Tips

by Nakisha Wynn

As the weather starts to heat up, and we head back to swimming pools for the summer, there are safety precautions we need to take. Many families look to purchase swimming pools or flock to open community pools for the season. With that increased time in the pool comes the need to be aware and observe some important swimming pool kids safety tips.

Today I’m sharing some pool safety tips that will help you stay safe and keep your kids from getting into the swimming pool without supervision. Below you’ll find a list of the best safety tips for pools so that you can enjoy your pool in a safe and fun way with your family.

Never Leave Child Unattended

Children shouldn’t be left unattended in or around the swimming pool. There should always be an adult supervising kids when they are around the water. Designated a person to keep watch of the children whenever they’re using the swimming pool at home or in a community setting. Kids get excited about being in the water and often have no fear of jumping in, even if they don’t know how to swim.

Teach Children to Swim

The best swimming pool kids safety tip is to make sure you teach your children how to swim, early. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children start learning how to swim at age 4. At minimum you should teach them water survival skills. But it is a great ideas to teach them as early as possible. You can enroll your child in swimming classes or teach them in your swimming pool at home.

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Swimming Pool Kids Safety Tips

Discuss Pool Drains

As the designated adult supervisor, make sure to check all swimming pool drains for cracks or missing parts. Young children can get their limbs stuck in open or broken drains. Drains that have the suction to help keep the pool water clean can also suck in your child’s hair so be sure to educate your kids about the pool drains and to stay clear of those areas in the swimming pool.

Consider a CPR Course

Parents everywhere should consider taking a CPR course to make sure they’re prepared in case of an emergency. You can take a CPR certification course through Red Cross and continue to take courses to keep this certification up to date.

Install a Fence or Pool Enclosure

Lastly, when it comes to swimming pool kids safety tips there should be some sort of barrier, alarm, or fence around all swimming pools. The enclosure should be at least 4 feet tall on all sides. Make sure your kids cannot climb it and keep it locked when not in use.

When it comes to swimming pool kids safety tips, it’s best to do what it take to keep your family safe this summer. Make sure you take all precautions to complete various safety measures based on how old your kids are and what their swimming capabilities are. I hope that this list will help your family enjoy a safe swimming season.

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