The Key to Confident Parenting

by Nakisha Wynn

People ask me often, “How do you do it”. You make being a single parent of 4 look so easy. Honestly, there can be challenges, but it’s not that tough. Just like anything else, there are basic attributes needed to make it work. With basic qualities you can become a more confident parent.

You have to be determined.

You must be determined to be a good mom in your own right. Not according to anyone else’s standards but your own. Determine what motherhood means to you, then set a standard for yourself. What things are important to you? How do you choose to deal with situations that arise? After doing this, stick to your standard. It doesn’t matter how others are doing it or what others say. When you define your guidelines for yourself, you will be so much more confident in what you are doing. You have to persevere past criticism and judgement. At the end of the day it is about the outcome you desire for yourself.

There were times when my child care costs were as much as I made monthly, but I knew that it would all work out, because I was determined to make it. I wasn’t sure how, but I knew I wasn’t going to let myself down. I was confident in my ability as a mom.

You have to learn to continue on past adversity and be confident in your decisions. Things will not always be perfect and things may not always go the way you think it they should. Actually, things will be a hot mess at times but you have to be determined to make it work! Your solution may be just around the corner so keep going, stay consistent and make your own rules.

You must have the ability to take action.

With so many decisions to be made daily it is easy to get caught up in the decision making process. After thinking about a choice for a reasonable amount of time, you must have the ability to put your decision into action. I have seen mothers go back and forth with the smallest decisions. To a certain point I understand. But, what other people think and what if’s should not keep you contemplating more than necessary.

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Have faith above all else.

You have to know that your circumstances will eventually change and you will not always in be in that place. Often times situations can seem more than what they really are while we are in them. See yourself where you want to be and believe that you can be there.

Do not fix your mouth to make a complaint. Complaining is counterproductive. Speak faith, prosperity, love, hope, joy, companionship. Verbally walk yourself through each situation by talking through it. Say it out loud, write it down so you can see it, then tell someone else for accountability.

Confident Parenting is simply about knowing your boundaries and not allowing other people’s opinion bother you.

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Confident Parenting

Confident Parenting

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