Yes! I Have a Lot of Small Kids

by Nakisha Wynn

It still surprises me how shocked people are when I arrive somewhere with all my small kids. The looks are hilarious to me and I’ve heard all kinds of comments: “Wow look at all of you!”, “oh my goodness are they twins?”, “You’ve got your hands full!” My response is always “Yep there’s a whole lot of love here.”

I think its important for people to know that my kids are not a a burden to me but a blessing. I’m mindful of the fact that I was able to conceive and produce life (some women are not), I carried twins full term (that’s a small miracle) and lets be honest…I still look good after having four kids (yes I said it!). While people may look at me and see overwhelm, honestly I’m overjoyed to be their mother.

I guess the overwhelm is that I have three toddlers by myself. But trust me….I got this!

Reasons I Love Having a Lot of Small Kids

I love that my kids are close in age. I got all of the diapers, and bottles, and potty training out of the way in one shot. They entertain each other, and they have an amazing relationship. Besides my babies are so forgiving. If I make a mistake or I’m having a bad day they are right there to encourage me. And I don’t know about you but I think small kids are pretty hilarious.

So here’s to the mom of multiples, mom of small kids and the moms who are confident and courageous enough to share their love beyond themselves.

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