Get to Know Nakisha

by Nakisha Wynn

Hey girl. I’m Nakisha and I’m a spirited mother 4 (2 boys and twin girls). In my spare time I like to write,  laugh and make corny jokes. I heard I’m pretty funny tho. Alexandria is my beautiful niece that I love like she’s my own and her mother, is my wonderful sister that I wouldn’t trade for the world.



I am a Florida native currently residing in the Central Florida area. Life here is amazing. On any given day you can find me outside with my kiddos. At the park, the beach or a nice dinner on the balcony, I love being outside. Give me the beautiful blue skies and the sun but I can do without the bugs. I enjoy a really good spa experience. A good pedicure and massage can change my entire day.


I also love to splurge on good food. Even though I’m trying to lose this last few pounds from having the twins 2 years ago. LOL. But seriously I really do enjoy a nice meal.



I love to talk.  I’m always happy and always high energy. I’m a pusher by nature. I love to force people into their uncomfortable place and allow them to see how it makes them grow. I do this daily. Half of my day I do this with 5 year olds and the other half with single moms. I am a single mom mentor and blogger helping single moms create a life they can be proud of.



I left my previous career in social services to work more closely with mothers and have a greater impact in their lives. Previously I’ve worked for Child Support Enforcement, The United Way, and Federation of Families.  I love this line of work and it loves me.



I attended the prestigious Florida A&M University where I studied English and I concluded my studies in Communications at the University of South Florida.



I’m definitely not where I thought I would be in life, but I can proudly say that I’m happy.   I’m secure where I am and feel good about where I’m headed.


[Tweet “I started this blog to share my journey and to let other women in my situation know they are not alone. “]


I am asked by people every day “How do you do it?”. It’s funny because they are looking at me like I am super woman. I’m just trying to be the best woman I can, so I can be the best mother I can.

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