Lightning McQueen Gifts for Boys who love Cars

by Nakisha Wynn

For as long as I can remember Lightning McQueen has been a part of our family. When my teenage was a little boy the very first Disney Pixar Cars movie came out. He was just a toddler at the time but he was hooked. He would ask for Lightning McQueen gifts constantly. For years he was obsessed with the driving sensation and passed his love of the character on to his little brother who took the reins. Now both my boys love Lightning McQueen.

Recently my little on got the new Disney Pixar Cars Race Around Radiator Springs and the Piston Cup Race 5 Pack. He is having an absolute blast with them. He has since asked to add the Mini Racers Mac Transporter after seeing it at Target. This will just be another thing to add to his collection because already has an array of Lightning McQueen toys for toddlers.

Here are a few of his favorite things and great Lightning McQueen gift ideas your son might love too!





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