Rediscovering my Personal Style after Motherhood

by Nakisha Wynn

I’m sitting here getting ready for a photoshoot tomorrow and I’m second guessing my outfit choices. I have 3 options that coordinate with the other girls I am collaborating with on this photoshoot. I was happy with what I had until, I tried on the dress and start picking myself apart. I wondered if it was too short, if my legs were too big, if I was too old to be wearing it or if it was okay for a mom? I’m having trouble rediscovering my style after motherhood.

I like the dress and I’m sure if I was to see it on someone else it would be amazing but something about wanting to wear it myself gave me pause. See, back before I was a mom I was known for my style and how I put my clothes together. Honestly, I love fashion, but that love got lost amidst life with children. Having been single and focused on my kids for so long, style got put on the back burner and convenience took it’s place. I have resorted to yoga pants and t-shirts as an everyday wardrobe.

I haven’t put real clothes in so long. To be honest, I have made very little effort in my appearance at all really. And living in a city where no one knows me makes it that much easier. I would NEVER in my home town!

style like a mother

So I just had to be honest with myself. Inside of me is this vivacious woman yet outwardly my style did not express that. There are a few reasons for it; money, people’s opinion, laziness and weight gain. Not being comfortable with my weight for a long time was a huge part of it. After having 3 children in 2 years my body is not the same. It took me a while to adjust to that.


So here I am, rediscovering my style after motherhood, ready to represent myself to the world in a better way. I honestly love what I see in the mirror these days but I have to learn how to convey that in my clothing.

So as I stand here looking into my closet of 4 inch heels I know I have some work to do. First I need to get rid of the clothing that is no longer serving me. The pieces that I have no longer represent who I am as a person. I need to find my style again. I love how fun clothing is and how good it feels when you get it right and rock your style with confidence.

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