6 Ways to Save Money on Kids Shoes

by Nakisha Wynn

It’s time to get back to school, and every kid needs at least one pair of new shoes to start the year out. Shoes can be expensive, and it can be even worse if you have more than one child to buy them for. Here are a few ways to save money on kids shoes.

Buy One Get One Sales

Many shoe stores have buy one get one sales often, that can save a ton of money on shoes for kids. Even if there is only one child, take advantage of these sales and purchase a pair of gym shoes and a pair of dress shoes at the same time. Check online at stores like Shoe Carnival and Famous Footwear, which regularly have buy one get one sales.

I particularly like shopping at Shoe Carnival as they have the latest name brands and cool shoes for kids. You can also pair the sale with coupons and cash back sites like Rakuten. Rakuten is a cash back site that allows you to earn money back from your online purchases. It makes the savings of buy one get one so much better.

save money on kids shoes

Purchase Kids Shoes Off Season

Summer is a great time to buy boots for kids and winter for summer shoes because they will be less expensive during the offseason, similar to clothing. Many stores are selling kids’ boots during back to school sales, which is a perfect time to purchase them and save money on kids shoes.

Check Online Shoe Stores

Be sure to do some online research before shopping in store. Online stores will have sales and discounts only available online and will usually have more of a selection of shoes available. Many online shoe stores offer free shipping or free shipping to the store where they can be picked up. Have the child’s foot measured professionally beforehand so that the correct size shoe is purchased. There’s nothing like ordering something online only to have to take it back in store.

save money on kids shoes

Plan Ahead for Big Shoe Sales

It’s okay to buy larger sizes of shoes for kids to wear in the future. If the shoe store is having a once in a lifetime sale or the bargains are too good to pass up, grab a couple of pairs of shoes for the kids to wear in the future. If this is the plan, though, stay away from trendy styles and licensed characters like SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer that may not be as popular (or the child’s favorite) later and stick with standard tennis shoes or boots for kids.

Kid’s shoes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, especially when it’s back to school time. Watch for the big sales and shop around to save money on cool shoes for kids.

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Buy Washable and Repairable Shoes

Select sturdy leather children’s shoes or shoes made of canvas that can be washed or repaired with a little shoe polish because they’ll last longer and, in the end, save money on the shoebill. Avoid patent leather and suede as they are not easily repaired, and the smallest scratch or mark will make the shoe appear old and worn out sooner.

Cheap Kids Shoes at Consignment and Second Hand Stores

When it comes to kids’ shoes, there’s nothing wrong with picking up a pair at a consignment shop or second-hand store. Children grow out of shoes quickly and aren’t able to wear them long enough to damage them. Children are also less likely to have athlete’s foot or other foot problems that usually deter adults from buying second-hand shoes. If there is a concern, most shoes can be cleaned or thrown into the washer and dryer.

Another benefit of buying children’s shoes from consignment and second-hand stores is that there are usually designer shoes available that maybe one wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Check your area for stores like Once Upon a Child or even take a look at eBay for great bargains on high-end children’s shoes.

Ways to Save Money on Kids Shoes

save money on kids shoes

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