3 Traits Every Successful Single Mom has in Common

by Nakisha Wynn

Before I had my kids I used to wonder how a successful single could make it work? I would say to myself: “How in the heck does she work and go to school. Her kids look good, she looks good and she stays on the social scene like it’s easy.”

Now I understand it’s just all in a days work. I realize now that the only difference between the successful single mom and the one that’s struggling is perspective. The way you view yourself and your situation can make the difference in if you are successful or not. That’s the thing about success. If you believe you can be successful and live a great life then you can.

If you are always complaining about your life and viewing yourself as a victim of your circumstances, you will always be in a state of lack. Because you have already convinced yourself to fail. You have to be confident in the fact that you are phenomenal, you can do anything you put your mind to, and you can the life you desire.

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Just like anything else, success in an intentional decision that we make daily. We DECIDE that we will be the best parents to our children and provide them with the best life possible.

Here are the 3 traits every successful single mom has in common.

We are persistent.  We work hard to provide for our children not taking no for an answer. So that means you have to make some sacrifices. You may have to eat at home when you really wanna go out. That means often being the friend that can’t attend events because you have priorities to take care of. That means you work twice as hard as you normally would to make things happen. Listen if you want it, you have to work for it. Set the goal and don’t stop until you get it.  

We stay positive…because nobody likes a negative Nancy. We don’t have time to complain because we’re too busy being grateful. It’s hard for us to see what statistics say because our blessings are clouding our vision. Speaking of vision, we have one. We know what we want our life to look like and we only accept that. Anything else is counterproductive.  

We are not prideful. We are not above asking for help when we need it. We are not too good for thrifting, couponing, carpooling or downsizing to make things work. You never know where your help is going to come from so don’t be afraid to do some things you may not have had to do in the past but trust me humility will take you further than pride ever will.

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