Beyonce Homecoming: 7 Beychella Lessons for Any Mom pursuing Anything

by Nakisha Wynn

If you haven’t heard by now Beychella was EVERYTHING! Beyonce’s Coachella 2018 performance was SO good the festival has been coined Beychella by DJ Khaled honoring the historic performance she gave. The entire performance paid homage to the HBCU college experience. She had an entire band with dancers included, a step team, sang the black national anthem, her own greek letter organization complete with the paraphernalia. I was completely inspired. I was in awe of her performance but I was more intrigued by her ability to balance it all as a wife, mom, entrepreneur and entertainer.

Update: Beyonce Homecoming, a behind the scenes documentary of her Coachella performance was since sold to Netflix, titling the film “Homecoming”…. as she sang in her Formation lyrics: “she just might be a black Bill Gates in the making.”

7 Lessons every mom can learn from Beychella

1. Turn everything into a family affair
During her 2 hour set Beyonce brought out her husband Jay-Z performing Deja Vu. The chemistry between the two was so amazing and he complimented her performance so well without overshadowing her. Their partnership shined. Then she had her besties Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams on stage for a long awaited 20 Destiny’s Child reunion. This was an amazing moment as they performed some of their greatest hits like Soldier, Say my Name and Lose My Breath. This really showed the power of having amazing friends and creating a support system around you thats not only a good time but beneficial.

Next up was her sister, Solange; and this indeed was my favorite moment of the entire performance. They were up on that stage dancing together like I’m sure they used to do as children. They seemed to be having a great time up their together. The vibe was so fun and loving.

Then to top it all off her mama Tina Lawson was in the crowd sharing all the moments on social media. I mean her entire team played a role. That’s how we have to be. We need to utilize the people in our lives more. These are the people that knew us before we got to the place in life we are now. They know the back story and can usually make us feel more comfortable, help us more efficiently, and keep us grounded best. Lesson: Don’t go this journey alone. Make it a family affair. Get the kids involved and always enlist the support of friends and family.

2. Don’t lose yourself
Becoming a mother can be very empowering however it can also have the adverse affect. With so much changing about life, it can be the very thing to slow you down if you let it. Trust me I know, I’ve done it.

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Here’s the thing, once you become a mother that is not a sentence to forget about yourself. I see so many moms who lose all traces of who they were before the babies. These babies should force you to level up in a way that makes you wanna be your best self and live out all your dreams. Beyonce is a mother of 3 and had twins just a few months ago, yet she was up on that Coachella stage for the Beyonce Homecoming, owning her purpose and living her best life. Not once did I think about her in her role as a mother. All I saw was dope, empowered, fearless, powerful QUEEN all up in her element. That’s how we should be daily. Being amazing women, friends, entrepreneurs, sisters AND mothers. Lesson: Let motherhood add to who you are, not take away from it.

3. Babies don’t stop no BAWDY
Can we take a moment of silence for how “snatched” mama was. I mean she is in amazing shape after just having her twins Rumi and Sir less than a year ago. Not 1 baby but 2! I know that body took some hard work and determination. But guess what?! She knows that when she is at her best, her family, business and life will function at its best.

I’m trying to get there. I’m over here trying my best to eat right, exercise regularly and get bodied like I need to be. Needless to say, seeing a new mommy look so amazing and have such amazing stamina was all the motivation I need to do to get my own life!

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Self care is essential and taking care of your body is a huge part of that. Without your health, you have nothing. Lesson: Make YOU a priority.

4. Make it work
During the Beyonce Homecoming “Who Run the World” set, her costume began to malfunction. The top of it seemed to not be fitted correctly and her breast began to come out. She was pulling it up while singing and even had to hold on to it while dancing with her sister. Despite her clearly having problems with her wardrobe she continued to give the performance her full effort.

Sometimes one little hiccup will having me wanting to give up on the entire process. I get embarrassed or discouraged and even start having pity parties. But this was a great example of how pushing through difficult times can still yield successful results. Lesson: Things don’t always go as planned. Make the best of every situation and give it everything you’ve got no matter what.

5. Hard Work Pays Off
Its no secret Beyonce rehearses for hours upon hours each day. I heard she even went on a very strict vegan diet while preparing for this nearly 2 hour set. The bottom line is, she worked hard for this. But baby did she reap the reward. The performance was history making. I’ve seen and heard several debates on social media whether or not she is the greatest performer of all time! And no matter what your opinion on that is, she’s proof that hard work pays off. A picture of her posted set list was floating around social media and its impressive.

This is definitely a lesson I’m receiving. Sometimes, I’m completely exhausted and I use that as an excuse to not do the things I’m suppose to be doing or quit because I don’t feel like it. Motherhood is beautiful and rewarding but sometimes it will be hard but that’s what I signed up for. If I want to be great I have to work like I want to be. I’m no exception. You know the saying: “The dream only works if you do.” Lesson: Push through the excuses and do the work.

6. You can live your dream at any age
Beyonce is 36 years old and still one of the best entertainers doing it! Every time I think she has peaked she comes through and reinvents herself again. She is still very much as relevant today as she was when she started 20 years ago. This is reminder that if you are willing to put in the work, you can do anything, at any age. Period. Lesson: It’s never too late to pursue the life you want.

7. Tunnel Vision is Powerful
The thing about Beychella is that is showed how exactly laser focused Beyonce is on Beyonce. It showed that she is clearly focused on getting better and not on anything else. When she gets on that stage there IS no one else. No competition, no other performer, no better music, she is the end all be all and there is no comparing her to anyone else.

When trying to accomplish goals you have to be the same way. Laser focus on the goal at hand and pursue it with everything you have. Don’t let anything distract you, don’t worry about the competition, just keep doing the work and results will eventually come. Lesson: What you focus on will flourish.

After all is said and done, the Beyonce Homecoming at Beychella goes down in the history books and I think its safe to say the Beyonce is the greatest performer alive! The girl can put on a show!!

Feature photo is screenshot from Youtube

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