14 Free Summer Activities for Preschoolers

by Nakisha Wynn

I’ve been a full-time work at home mom for some time now, and it has been such a blessing. But balancing the work and the kids can get a little tricky, especially when they’re little. I usually stick to a pretty strict schedule but the summer time is a little different. I have to find time to get work done, budget for all the extra food they eat during this time, and entertain them regularly. That mostly includes free summer activities for preschoolers.

Most times I can take them to the neighborhood lake with some bread and crackers so they can feed the ducks and turtles and they are fine. Other times taking little adventures can be good for us all.

14 Free Summer Activities for Preschoolers


Taking your kids to the mall is a very nice day out. Most malls have a kid’s play area inside that your kids can enjoy and you can meet other moms in your area who are doing the same thing. Also if you want to do lunch at the mall you can do that because the food court is right inside the mall as well.

free summer activities for preschoolers
free summer activities for preschoolers


All kids love the playground. This gives them the chance to run off all that energy and be ready for a nap when they get back home. Just take note of the temperature outside because that can make the difference in a good experience. When it’s really hot outside I like to bring frozen drinks for the kids to sip on while they are there.


The public library is an amazing choice for a toddler outing. Often times they have amazing activities and events for kids. I usually look up the calendar in advance and plan the trip based on what they have going on that day.

Splash Pad

My kids love water. I like taking them to the splash pad because it’s safer than going to large bodies of water. I don’t have to bring an extra set of eyes with me when we go. Most of the community splash pads are free although there are a few city ones that cost just a few dollars to get in.


Living in Florida makes this an amazing option. We have many beaches where we live and my kids love it. Just get up early and plan to spend the day at the beach. Remember to packing nutritional snacks, hydrating drinks, sunscreen and toys for the kids. Trust me when it’s time to go home the kids will be exhausted and ready to take a bath and go to bed. This is the ultimate free summer activity for preschoolers.

siesta key beach
siesta key beach
siesta key beach

Chuck E. Cheese

My kids love this Chuck E. Cheese. I can entertain all 3 of my toddlers for about $10. I buy the tokens and divided it between them. They play the games until they don’t have anymore and then they just run around and play the other activities. In the end, we combine the tickets and they choose a prize that everyone can enjoy.

Bike Ride

This is a quick way to get out of the house with the little ones. I will pull out the bikes and let them ride around the neighborhood while I jog and get a little work out in. Turns into a win/win for everybody.

Pet Store

Kids love animals. My kids enjoy going to the pet store to see all of the animals. This is a great way to fill their desire for a pet because I definitely don’t plan of getting one anytime soon.

Open Gym

At the community gym in our neighborhood, they have times during the week where they host open gym. I usually take the kids to play basketball. My boys get to shoot the ball and meet other kids and the girls just enjoy chasing the balls for them.

Dollar Movie

Once or twice a month I take my kids to catch a dollar movie. This theater does not have new releases so you have to wait a little longer to see new films but it’s a dollar and my kids love it. We bring our own snacks and I buy a huge tub of popcorn for us all to share. Refills are free.

Craft Store

A lot of craft stores offer free classes for kids. We have done coloring activities, sticker activities and I’ve even done a basic sewing workshop. This is a great way to get the kids inspired to be creative.

Hardware Store

Local hardware stores like Home Depot offer a Kids Workshop that is held once a month. The kids get to go in and build a small project and take it home when they are done. It is one my favorite activities to take my son to monthly.

Community Events

I love checking my local newspaper or community website for neighborhood events that may be happening. This is a great way to meet other local moms and create relationships with other families. The events are usually free and offer a different way to get out of the house with the kids.

All in all, you do not need to spend a ton of money to have a great time with your kids. There are several free summer activities for preschoolers you can enjoy. Do one of the listed activities or find something else that your family will enjoy. What free activities do you enjoy doing with you kids?

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