When I first found out I was having more children outside of marriage, I was so frustrated with myself. I knew single parenting would become much harder with more children. After much prayer, meditating on the word of God and support from my mother, I got over it. It wasn’t easy but I did.

I decided to get over the shame, stop with the pity parties and own my situation. I knew if I wanted to be happy while single parenting, I had to learn to enjoy the here and now, and teach my kids to do the same.

So I started to focus more on enjoying the little moments and less on the little issues I had.

I shared this personal story of triumph with Diedre Anthony of Are Those Your Kids.

>>>>>>> Click Here to Read My Story<<<<<<<<

I hope it inspires you to keep going and know there’s happiness even in doing this alone.

single parenting

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  • Never be ashamed, and I’m glad that you got over it. Kids are a blessing and btw only God can judge you.

    • I’m glad I did too. I was so worried about what people would think of me but oh well….I just started living my life for me and became so much happier.

    • Yes! I was so worried about what people would say about me but no more.

  • Marquita

    Your story is beautiful and inspiring. It’s so wonderful that you found a creative outlet in writing and are building a future with it. You’re showing your kids God’s faithfulness and that is amazing all day every day! #noshameinyourgame!!!

    • Thank you. I knew it was important to show them what perseverance looks like.

    • Yes! I just want to show them that you can keep going in spite of….

    • Amen. I want them to know they can keep on in spite of…

  • Elizabeth Brico

    I’m glad you found joy in single motherhood! You sound like a very strong woman-with a gorgeous family. I hated being a single mom, but I wasn’t just single, I was alone and the relationship had been extremely abusive and I was (still am) recovering from that so it was really hard to find joy at that time.

    • Yes same here. I just glad to be happily single now and I know that eventually I will meet someone who will be great to me and my kids.

    • It can be hard but I just keep reminding myself of the positive things.