How I Found Joy in Single Parenting
I knew I had to learn to enjoy the here and now and teach my children to do the same. So I began not to focus so much on my little issues, and find happiness in all the little moments. [Continue Reading Here]

birth to twins
The Day I Gave Birth to My Twins Alone
It was 8am on a beautiful Friday morning as I walked into the maternity ward ready to give birth to my twin girls alone. There was an eerie peace that overtook me as the nurses began to prep me for surgery. I lay there with my eyes closed focused only on the end result. [Continue Reading Here]

single family
When Everything Finally Came together

move forward
Having the Courage to Live My Truth
I’m proud that I had the courage to walk away from a situation that was not healthy for me and my children. I take pride in knowing my worth and having the courage to do this alone. Because truth it….My kids and I are happy. So many women are not. [Continue Reading Here]

small kids Yes I Have a Lot of Small Kids
It still surprises me how shocked people are when I arrive somewhere with all my small kids. The looks are hilarious to me and I’ve heard all kinds of comments. My response is always, “Yes there’s a whole lot of love here.” [Continue Reading Here]

single family
I am Their Mom, Not Their Father
Despite my current circumstance, I strongly believe that there is a necessity for a male presence in every child’s life. I believe that men play a special role in children’s life and there is nothing I can do as a woman to fill that spot. [Continue Reading Here]

nakisha wynn
Rediscovering Myself in Motherhood
I had become timid and defeated. I was so dedicated to being a fantastic mom and defying the odds of my circumstances, that I had lost all sense of fighting to be the best me. And that’s not what I stand for at all. [Continue Reading Here]

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