4 Ways to Reduce Stress and Overwhelm

by Nakisha Wynn

Over the last 3 years, I have learned how to manage and reduce stress quite well. That definitely has not always been the case though. I’ve been tested, one nerve at a time and I think I finally got the best of this thing; instead of it getting the best of me.

With all the chaos that can ensue at any given moment in my home, I’ve learned to recognize when I’m getting overwhelmed and then implement strategies to reduce the stressors. So first I identify when I’m feeling overwhelmed and then I’m honest about that with the people around me, even the kids. This makes reducing the amount of stress I experience easy. Because the more I communicate how I feel, the more my loved ones try to help make it better.

With 3 toddlers, a preteen, work, bills, baby daddies, and a business, I have a lot going on. I have to be very strategic in how I manage my daily life to make it as seamless and stress-free possible.

So, I had to learn ways to cope with the pressures that can often come with being a single mom. Because I do not handle stress well at all. I start sweating and moving too fast and things just get crazy real quick. So making sure I am reducing the amount of stress I experience in the first place is key.

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