Back to School Fashion Essentials for Elementary Kids

by Nakisha Wynn

As a money conscious mama I know how expensive back to school can be. Between clothing, school supplies, extracurricular fees, etc. it can get pretty pricey if you are not mindful. A great way to save money on clothing is to purchase back to school fashion essentials for elementary kids that will last through the year.

All four of my kiddos are heading to school this year and that means I have to buy so much more than previous years. I want to make sure they have everything they need without breaking the bank. These fashion essentials can be easily mix and matched to create several different looks.

Also remember to go through their old clothes and choose pieces that still fit and are in good conditions and repurpose them. I usually choose the pieces that they will wear to school and wash them and press them nicely just to give them a crisp look, especially when pairing with new items. It’s a great way to stretch their wardrobe and get more out of what you already have. This is also the time I sort through those clothes and donate the ones we no longer need or use. I love giving those items to another family who may need them.

Back to School Fashion for Elementary Kids

back to school fashion for elementary

Cargo shorts
Denim shorts
Jogger Shorts
Graphic Tees
Basic Tees
Black shoes
White shoes
White socks
Black socks
Fleece Jacket

Cuffed Denim Shorts
Chambray shorts
Khaki shorts
Jersey skort
Jersey dress
Graphic tees
Denim jacket
Converse tennis shoes
Ballet flats

back to school fashion for elementary

Preparing the kids for back to school can be easy and affordable with just a little planning. These items will be a be a great start to a fantastic school year!

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back to school fashion essentials for elementary kids

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