Maintaining my Dating Standards during Cuffing Season

Okay can I be real for a minute? Being single gets tough sometimes! Yes I am still every woman and I don’t “need” a man to be happy but quite frankly it does get lonely out here. Doing it all alone can be empowering but equally as draining. I have to make sure I’m clear … Continue Reading

The Perfect Family Day at Legoland Florida

Recently my kids and I had the opportunity to visit Legoland Florida. My toddlers love playing with lego bricks and they were thrilled when I told them we would be visiting. Before leaving we downloaded the Quest to Legoland game which made our road trip fun and educational. My 12 year old navigated us all … Continue Reading

Finding Myself Again After Being Lost in Motherhood

After having a few kids, a new body, and a bunch of new responsibilities you’ve probably found yourself wondering how you got here? I never thought I’d be one of those moms. You know, the moms that are lost in motherhood, who complain, who get in over their heads. One day, shortly after I had … Continue Reading

The Day I Gave Birth to my Twins via C-section ALONE!

It was 8am on a beautiful Friday morning as I walked into the maternity ward ready to give birth to my twin girls alone. There was an eerie peace that overtook me as the nurses began to prep me for surgery. I lay there with my eyes closed focused only on the end result. I … Continue Reading