3 Ways to Make Some Extra Money This Summer

So summer is upon us. For me, that means a couple of things. The kids are out of school, vacations are coming up, and back to school is right around the corner (lol). As a single mom I immediately begin to calculate all of those costs. Summer camp + increased electric bill + extra groceries … Continue Reading

5 Single Mom Bosses You Should Follow on Instagram

So everybody knows I love Instagram. If you didn’t you do now. I love that I have the ability to connect with some amazing women and see their lives through pictures. Over the last 2 years these are the women that have inspired me to start and keep going with my entrepreneurial goals. As a … Continue Reading

Please Don’t Wish Me a Happy Father’s Day

So Father’s Day is coming up but sadly that doesn’t mean much around here. I’m a single mother and my toddlers do not have a father in their life. On Father’s Day each year I usually have people thoughtfully wish me a happy Father’s Day. Then there are the cards from preschool and all of … Continue Reading

How I Found Joy in Single Parenting

When I first found out I was having more children outside of marriage, I was so frustrated with myself. I knew single parenting would become much harder with more children. After much prayer, meditating on the word of God and support from my mother, I got over it. It wasn’t easy but I did. I … Continue Reading